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Volunteer Roswell
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Roswell is a community that cares. When we see a need or a challenge, we want to meet it—by giving our time, talent, and energy to good causes that have real impact on our neighbors' lives.

Volunteer Roswell connects community members with meaningful service opportunities that can create positive change and help us build a stronger community.

Roswell is home to many wonderful nonprofits who provide a variety of important services to our community. Volunteer Roswell provides a central space where our nonprofits can list their volunteer needs and where community members who want to help can connect with opportunities.

Why Volunteer?

When you volunteer, everyone you interact with benefits from the time, energy, interest, and friendship you share. And you, in turn, benefit by:
  • Making new friends
  • Developing new skills
  • Sharing new ideas and experiences
  • Becoming a more active member of the community

What's the Time Commitment?

You can give as much or as little time as you have to offer. Volunteer opportunities range from one-time projects to long-term commitments. You can choose from a variety of opportunities to fit your schedule and interests.

How Can I Volunteer Safely During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

In times of crisis, our instinct is to help. And now, more than ever, people are looking for ways to support their community. For in-person volunteer opportunities, our local nonprofits have put measures in effect—like mask usage, social distancing, and following best practices for cleaning and disinfecting—to help mitigate risks. There are also virtual volunteering opportunities available. Please reach out to the nonprofit you'll be working with to learn more about their safety protocols and to discuss any concerns you might have.

About the Nonprofit Organizations Included Here

Roswell is home to many nonprofit organizations working to serve and support our community. We encourage our residents to give back to any nonprofit of their choosing. The organizations listed in the Volunteer Roswell portal are members of the City of Roswell's Nonprofit Partnership Program (NPP). These organizations have gone through an extensive application process to ensure their services directly benefit Roswell residents. Roswell nonprofits interested in joining the City's NPP can learn more at ceciliamtz.com/NPP.