The City of Roswell will be conducting scheduled system maintenance between 11 PM on Saturday through 7 PM on Sunday and again between 11 PM on Sunday through 7 AM on Monday. During this time, City online services will be offline and inaccessible. Click here for more information.

Submit an Online Service Request with the City of Roswell App

Connect with the City of Roswell. Using this app, you can report a concern and receive status updates and resolution information. The City of Roswell app is your personal assistant to report and track non-emergency issues in the City of Roswell by simply dropping a marker on the map where you notice a concern and answering a few questions to help us understand the issue. You can even send a picture! We will notify our staff, get to work, and let you know when the issue is resolved. You can use the mobile app to report issues such as a pothole, tall grass, missed garbage pickup, broken streetlights, and many other issues.


Don't Want to Use the Mobile App?

Feel free to submit an online service request using the instead of the mobile app.

How to Report Downed Trees

  • If the tree has fallen into the right-of-way (roadway), but it is not blocking the road (cars can still get past), please report the issue using the City of Roswell App or .
  • If a tree has fallen into the roadway and is blocking the roadway, call the City of Roswell's Non-Emergency line at 770-640-4100.
  • If a tree has fallen and has created a hazardous situation that threatens personal or public safety (ex. It has taken down power lines or has fallen and injured or trapped someone), call 911.

    Remember to please use 911 only in emergency situations. Using 911 for anything other than true emergencies can potentially hamper our emergency response for someone else.


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