The City of Roswell proposes to design/construct a new 10-foot-wide multi-use trail on Old Alabama Road, from the entrance of Big Creek Park to Wooten Road. The Wooten Road intersection has an existing traffic signal and crosswalks, and is the access road to the Northwood Elementary School campus.

Project Goals

The project will improve bicycle and pedestrian access to both Big Creek Park and to Northwood Elementary School. This project will also connect existing sidewalks into the upcoming Big Creek Parkway Phase 2 project, which will also include bicycle and pedestrian amenities.

Design and Impacts

This project will also require a new retaining wall to accommodate the multi-use trail along the frontage of Big Creek Park. The retaining wall is expected to be approximately 500 feet long with an average height of 4 feet and an estimated height of 6 feet at its highest point. If built, the retaining wall would be visible from the park, but not from Old Alabama Road. (See example below.)

Construction of a retaining wall adjacent to the multi-use trail will reduce the overall impact to the pine trees and bushes along the roadway frontage of Big Creek Park. As part of the preliminary engineering, a survey and review of tree impacts will occur.

Public Meetings and Project Updates

This project has been/will be discussed at the following public meetings:

For Project Updates: Please contact Engineering Design Manager Greg Nicolas with any comments. To receive project updates, as they become available, please complete the sign-up form at the bottom of this page.

Old Alabama Road Sidewalk Gaps Map

Example of Multi-Use Trail

Example of Retaining Wall