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A permit is necessary for any professional photographer interested in shooting on City property within the City limits of Roswell. Photography to be used by the photographer for solely personal and/or noncommercial purposes does not require a permit.

The type of permit required depends on the scope of the photography shoot. Portrait/Scenic Photography Permits are required for any professional photography lasting less than 2 hours and requiring less than 10 minutes of set-up or tear down time. This permit can be purchased as a one-time permit for those that do not regularly shoot in Roswell or an annual permit for those that do. The one-time permit is good for one session up to two hours and costs $50. The annual permit is good for one year from the date issued and costs $100. All shoots covered under the annual permit may not be more than two hours. Photographers expecting to shoot for more than two hours or who require more than 10 minutes of set-up or tear down time must obtain a media production permit.

There are multiple ways to submit the Portrait/Scenic Photography Permit Application. The quickest way to obtain the permit is to visit the Community Development Department at City Hall, 38 Hill Street, Suite G-30. You’ll be able to submit the application/application fee and immediately receive your permit. If you have a week or more before you'll need the permit, you may submit the application by fax to 770-641-3741 or by email to Once your application is received, you will receive an email or phone call to arrange payment. You may either mail a check or pay over the phone by MasterCard, Visa or American Express. If you are not contacted after submitting the application by fax or email, please call the Community Development Department at 770-641-3780 to verify that the application was received.